I love my Hijab!

I am a Muslimah. You know, born and bred as such but for practice, Well! it was more recent. The death of a close friend Allah bless his soul

brought me closer to Allah. I started to cover up with the long skirts and the long sleeves and all that. Then I moved to dresses and basic tops and finally the black abaya.
It was not easy really. Different fear different day. From what people will think to what my family would say and all and now it’s been about 5 years and Alhamdulilah the new battle is how to be accepted with the niqab. Well, I fell in love with the beautiful face veil during umrah last Ramadhan and well that was it. I put it on and it was love at first sight. I felt free MashaAllah which is weird because people link it to women being oppressed. The problem would be getting people to accept me as same old same old only better.
I am still sorta testing the waters you know. Wear it as I like and when I feel comfortable and I have learnt to breathe with it now too:).
So, my dear sisters, you wanna wear the hijab or start to cover a bit more wallah go for it. Just make your intentions right and do it for Allah and wallah he would make it easy. You just need to decide to start and everything will fall into place because my dear sister you are worth it

La tahzan inna laha ma’ana…..Don’t despair Allah is with us…



3 thoughts on “I love my Hijab!

  1. o says:

    May Allah make it easy for you.
    The world we live in, naturally abhors any move towards wearing islam as a badge of honour, from the beards to the hijabs nd niqabs..
    However we as muslims should be super proud of being firstly recongnized as a muslim, some excuses people come up with is but islam is in the heart, I believe that if islam truly rests in ur heart ur outward appearance as well will be properly guided….


  2. Wii says:

    I used to be a Hijabi but took it off; cannot really explain why. I see sisters all covered and I know I should be but I cant get to push myslef back into it. I know I shouldn’t shake a non mahram man but I don’t know how to say no. I have found and inspiration but how do I start?


    • ummbilal01 says:

      It’s is not and has never been easy. The way the world is these days our natural inkling is life without it. The key is baby steps. Start with a scarf, then a veil and progress. Wear non revealing clothes. Wear long sleeves. And always pray that Allah makes it easy for you. ONLY HE CAN.
      As for the hand shake politely feign ignorance like you have no idea what the man means. If he insists then let him down. Most times they let it go.
      May Allah make it easy for us. Ameen.


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