Through his eyes

Salaamu Alaikum….

Well! I just wanted to share something with you. I find one of my brother in laws to be really amazing. He loves the Deen, isn’t too stubborn like kids his age and very calm. He is about 13 though. So this morning, we were having a discussion about rape, paedophilia homosexuality you know, sodomy and lesbianism etc. So he asked he said, “aunty is it that they are sick or they enjoy it,” I said I think its psychological but for the kids most times they are bribed with money or sweets or raped.
So after that we were talking about our amazing Deen how smiling gets you ajr (reward), feeding people,  making an orphan smile, walking to school for seeking knowledge, walking to the mosque, every tasbih, dhikr, removing harmful stuff from the road, etc. all gets you ajr… the next thing he said to me was “aunty am surprised people would still enter hellfire”.
Subhanallahi….what a perfect Deen we have. So I had to explain to him how our sins cancel out our good deeds and he said, “but aunty still”…
Made me realise our Allah is indeed very perfect and he has perfected our deen for us. The world tries to make us take for granted what we shouldn’t.  Makes us feel what we aren’t supposed to feel and you hear words like extremism,  fundamentalism, oppression, etc. Islam is indeed perfect as it is….

This day  I  have perfected for you, your religion and  completed  My favor  upon you  and have  approved for you  Islam as  religion 5:3.



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