This my hijab


I see my hijab as everything I do
What I am, see, say and Wear
I see it as it is…ordered by Allah
To be proudly donned on by me
others see it as just a piece of cloth

Yet it is hated by the media
Scrutinised by the west
Even Muslims now question it
When you see me in my hijab
Words like oppressed and terrorism come to mind
Today I will have you know
It is the best thing that happened to me.
You see oppression I feel freedom
You see heat, I feel the coolness of Allah’s smile
He is happy with me
You see plain and ugly, I feel as beautiful as nature
I do not obsess about how I look
Neither do I invest in beauty products
It fills me with confidence and fills my heart with iman
It protects me
….My beautiful hijab


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