(Un)intentional dawah


I come from a fairly large family and then married into a huge family so that doesn’t make it easy. I literally had to do a recap of names of parents and children before I show up at any family gathering though now Ma Sha Allah I have a hang of most of them. Being a large family, it allows for diversity so we all need to be very accommodating. My hubby’s cousin, a Christian came visiting and was going through my library (yeah that is me proudly a book-lover) and she went straight to the shelf of Islamic fiction and I had just begun to feel awkward when she said, “you have a copy of this book too” and I asked, “which book” to which she replied, “she wore red trainers” so I said “oh yes I do”. Let me quickly share another piece of information here. My sister-in-law is a book-lover too so we usually buy different books and swap but when it came to the story of Amirah and Ali (my halal 50 shades of red by Sis. Na’ima B. Roberts) we decided everyone should get her own copy. So anyway I asked, “awesome huh?” and she replied, “yeah it was and I now know what halal means”. As Muslims we can do dawah by any means possible, one doesn’t necessarily have to be a preacher. It could be how we speak or act or even what we write and as long as there exist book-lovers, with a very good piece of fiction one will find herself calling people to the deen of Allah. Well done Sis Na’ima Robert

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