Umm Bilal Reads : The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


Khaled Hosseini authored the book. It has 340 pages and was published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. in 2003 set in Kabul, Afghanistan.
The book tells us from the perspective of Amir a story of two young boys who nicknamed themselves the sultans of Kabul. One very strong and loyal and the other a tad weak who have a similar past and nothing but love for each other but will have a totally different path in the future. The scenes were well described and I was transported to the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan every time I opened the book and it was really hard to put down. The book had some awesome characters too – Ali, Rahim Khan, Baba, General, Soraya, Sohrab and so on. I found myself smiling whenever

Hassan asks intelligent questions about the stories he hears and when Amir wrote his first story, I was filled with excitement and I felt the joy he did when Rahim Khan appreciated it. The description of the damage done to their home by the Taliban and Russians fed well to my imagination and had me looking up Afghanistan and Khaled Hosseini. If I have to choose one character, it would be Hassan. I loved his loyalty and innocence. He had a pure heart sometimes I just wanted to give him a hug most of the time. Amir, on the other hand, I couldn’t imagine how he felt with the weight of the world on his shoulders.
The book is a roller coaster of emotions. I go from smiling or giggling to “Oh! Who moved my tissues?” within minutes. Khaled held my body, mind and soul in this book like no other. Like a good food needs an awesome mix of ingredients, this book has just the right amount of it all; racism, sex, abuse, innocence, guilt, loyalty, betrayal, suspense, suicide, happiness, lies, secrets, violence, favourites justice and above all love which will always find a way. Khaled Hosseini has a lot of amazing quotes of which two of my favourites are, ‘for you, a thousand times over’, and ‘war doesn’t negate decency. It demands it, even more than in times of peace’. If I could describe the book in three words, they would be amazing, shocking and heart-gripping.
If I had to say something I did not like about the book it would be that it was very sad. Had me sobbing like a baby. Though if I had to rate the book, I would give it 5 stars…Oh yeah I loved it that much and probably more. The book really gave me an insight into the war and suffering of the people in Afghanistan.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait to read his two remaining books and watch the movie.


6 thoughts on “Umm Bilal Reads : The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

  1. Weronika says:

    This sounds like a really good book and after reading your review it will definitely be on my ‘must read’ list. You say it is very sad so perhaps I should wait til later in the year coz at the moment with my pregnancy hormones I will probably be sobbing the whole way through!


    • ummbilal01 says:

      MashaAllah mabrook. May Allah make the journey an easy one. Well I would advise you to wait cos it is definitely sad but then again at least you can blame the book for your hormonal crisis☺


  2. Ummi says:

    I remember watching the movie and enjoying it sometime back. Though I’m not a reading person, I’ve come to realise from the few movie from books I’ve watched and read, that for me, reading a book is better than watching it acted so I’d save it in my to read list In Sha Allah. May Allah give me the ability to read it … Ameen.


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