Priviledges or gifts



Recently, we set a goal to learn the names of Allah with their meanings, all 99 of them so we can apply them in our lives and benefit immensely now and on the day of Judgment In Sha Allah. So I was on Al-Wahab and this is what I came up with…

Allah is Al-Wahhab, the All-Giving. He just keeps on giving to anyone and everyone who asks; be it a sinner or a saint, someone deserving or undeserving, a believer or an unbeliever; As long as one is in this world he would get. He gives the birds, wolves, sheep, bee, ant and even the trees.

Man, on the other hand, is ungrateful and unappreciative. We become too comfortable and begin to see these gifts as rights, not privileges. We got to bed expecting to wake up the next day, we even put off Salat and repentance cause we just don’t have the time now, we get married and expect to have kids, we have them and expect for them to grow up, get educated and be doctors, lawyers, accountants; get a job and get married so we see our grandkids. If at any of these points, there is a delay or things don’t go as planned, we start to ask why this happens to us and what is wrong with us. People feel like all is wrong with the universe because they cannot get a man or conceive.

We need to be grateful as we have the greatest gifts of all – Islam, Revelation (Qur’an) and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah himself confirmed that when He said,

“Today I have perfected your religion for you and I have completed my blessings upon you, and I have approved of Islam as your Religion (5:3)”

Being alive, breathing, eating, having clothes to wear (so much our wardrobes are like departmental stores), blankets in the winter, a roof over our heads, parents, kids, spouses, books (oh! Yeah books and authors), acquaintances, friends, friends that became family, teachers, jobs, and everything that makes life, you know…life.

“And (He) gave you everything you asked for, If you reckoned up Allah’s blessings, you would never be able to count them; Surely, man is sinful and thankless” (14:34).

There is no counting of His glorious gifts, yet few people appreciate them.

Ya Allah, please make us among the few of your servants who are grateful to you for everything…Aameen.

Thank you for reading my post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Priviledges or gifts

  1. Najmah Bint Nasr says:

    We should appreciate everything that happens, little or big. It’s true that we used to question when things dont go the way we plan it. We forget that Allah SWT is the best planner and He knows best. This is what we should remind ourselves often because we tend to forget it.


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