Pregnancy myths or are they legends?

Pregnancy myths or legends

Pregnancy is one of the best stages of any woman’s life. The time when she gets to put a hand into Allah’s miracle of creation, when she is doted upon by any and everyone who meets her, when she finally gets to have society off her back, no one asks anymore why she’s taking such a long break or whether she and her hubby are having enough of the ‘baby dance’. Just by walking into a room, she has people at their feet giving her a place to seat; she hardly ever needs to wait in line and people around her whisper “sorry” for every sigh. Above all, she will In Shaa Allah get to be a mother and paradise would then lie at her feet. It’s the beginning of her trip into motherhood. Even if it ends up in a miscarriage, I do believe her title has changed to “mother”. I hear it is the happiest reason to feel like a sack of crushed bones.

Pregnancy, like a lot of things in the world when culture comes into play, has a lot of myths and superstitions. Many of which cannot be proven by any scientific test or instrument but no matter how learned a woman is she still might believe plus the fear of putting her baby at risk, especially when the grandmothers bring up their many stories as proof for their theories. Here are some of the superstitions I have gathered from aroundd the world. Some are so funny and some are just outright ridiculous.

Boy or girl please?

There are so many legends about the sex of a baby. According to an old folklore, if the baby was conceived through missionary then it’s a boy but if it’s woman-on-top it’s going be a girl. If the mommy-to-be has extreme nausea it’s a girl otherwise a boy. A Chinese myth believes if the woman eats meat and fishy foods just before conception, it would be a girl and if she eats vegetables and tofu it’s going to be a boy. If the bump is high, it’s a girl otherwise a boy.

I get what I want when I want.

Whatever a pregnant woman craves she should get otherwise, she would miscarry or the baby would have a birthmark shaped like the food denied. Insert here a pizza or popcorn-shaped birthmark.

I have a friend whose hubby actually did not satisfy her craving for a particular grilled fish and she had a miscarriage that night (she was carrying twins and lost one) she said since then pregnant or not whatever she wants, she gets.

Labour tales

Extreme spicy foods help induce labour… bring on the chilli then. Though this has not been proven scientifically.

Another one believed even here is that a woman’s labour would be like her mothers; if her mother’s advances fast, hers will too.

Heartburn or full hair?

If you have heartburn the baby would have a head full of hair…. Alas! No need for attachments of any form…Brazilian, Peruvian or Indian.

Was it fun?

You can’t get pregnant if you do not have an orgasm…. medically untrue, whether it was fun or not you could be expecting.



Do not share the news until you have gone the first three months. Well, a lot of pregnancies are lost before they get to three months and if you have shared the news, it would be more difficult dealing with your loss.


Don’t forget daddy.

The weight of your hubby too apparently plays a role in the sex of your baby. If daddy-to-be adds weight it’s a girl otherwise a boy.

Protect thy tongue.

The mommy-to-be should avoid bickering or insulting people or the baby would look like those people. This is scary though.

Jinx or Faith?

It is not allowed to buy baby stuff before you take it as you jinx it. Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef would not agree with this one as he says it is you taking a step because you believe Allah has answered your du’a

As much as we are cultural people and take pride in our heritage we should always remember that we are Muslims foremost. Allah says in the Qur’an; say: “Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Mawla (protector).” And in Allah let the believers put their trust). (Surah Tawba, Verse 51).

Allah also assured us;

“No affliction can happen on earth nor to your souls, which is not recorded in a Book, before We bring it into existence; surely that is easy for Allah”. (Surah Al-Hadid, Verse 22).

This was originally written for the UmmFariha Network.


(Photo credits; Instagram @pregnantmuslima)

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do comment any myths or legends you have heard.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy myths or are they legends?

  1. Ummi says:

    Hahaha, truly funny and ridiculous myths. I remember once when I was in p/school. I was on my way home one day when I saw a bull dog and thought wow this dog is really ugly. On going back home, I told my mum about it…. Unfortunately she heard me wrong and thought it was a dwarf I saw, so she was like don’t say that or laugh at them cos you can give birth to a baby that looks like them. I remember being so terrified that I’d give birth to a bull-dog-like baby…. It pestered me so much I had to ask her again and that was when she realised I meant a dog…. Anyways I think she didn’t believe that, she just used it as a way to caution me just in case I’ve made a habit of laughing at wired or ugly people….


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