The Subtle One



Still on living with the names and attributes of Allah, here is my first short story and it is based on a real life event.

Lateefa had just clocked thirteen and was beginning to care what people thought of her. She was a very kind-hearted girl and could just not say “No”; even if she had to do something she shouldn’t to help one in need. She had the “I want to save the world syndrome”. She was invited to a birthday party for her friend Jasmine, who lives very close to school but by then school would not be in session and she lives far away so she knew of no way her mother would allow her attend the party. She could not just turn down the invite, so she thought really hard and came up with a solution.

She had just gotten home from school when she announced that there was one compulsory tutorial class during the holiday that she needed to attend. Her mother of course asked her to go. On the day of the party, her mum gave her all the warnings a mother would give a child; don’t talk to or collect things from strangers, be careful with your bag and money, and they went over all the bus stops and various landmarks to watch out for. To get to school, she needed to take three buses and so she got on the first bus, which was a short ride. She was at the station waiting to get on another bus when a tall dark sad looking man approached her, he said to her, “please dear I have been standing here for two hours looking for someone to help me and then I saw the innocence in your eyes, I am from out of town on business but I have no idea how to deal in the currency of your country”. She just looked at him sadly. He said, ”Please come and help me sell my goods and I will pay you well. I will give you a mobile phone, lots of nice clothes and I would definitely make it worth your while”. She said to him, “Wallah if I do it, it would not be for anything in return but because you need my help so I would help you”.

She asked him, ”Where are your goods?” He replied, “They are in a warehouse on Coker Street”. She thought for a minute and asked, “Where is Coker Street?” He explained to her that they needed to enter a different bus, which meant they were going off her route. She was quiet for a while and then she asked, “How would I get home from there?” To which he replied, “I will bring you back here, am sure you can get home from here”. then she agreed.

The young man then went on to purchase bus tickets while she waited for him. Suddenly, another man approached her and said, “Dear child, go and help that man, he needs your help”. She just smiled and nodded.

So the first stranger came back with the tickets and led her to the bus, which was about leaving the station. He got on the bus, but her legs just froze and would not move. The bus was locked and on its way when he realized she was not on the bus. She just went on to buy a ticket for her trip and went on to the party. When she got home, she told her mum the story still feeling bad for the man that she could not help when her mum said “but if he did not talk to anyone before you, how did the other man know he needed help” and then she screamed…Ya Lateef!

Lateefa was in danger and did not even realize it. Turned out they were kidnappers. That is how subtle Allah is. He saves you from danger without you realizing you are in any danger…just the way He saved her as undeserving as she was after all, she did lie to her mother….

Allah is Al-Lateef – the most subtle. Sometimes we are in a hurry and an old man spends a bit of time crossing the street or we meet a traffic jam and we cuss and swear because its making us late but it just might be His subtle way of protecting us after all, Allah is our protector.

Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives all vision; and He is the Subtle, the Acquainted. [Al-An’am: 103]


Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to share. Am always happy to hear what you think too.

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