Can I memorize the Qur’an? — Part 1


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

I recently decided to start this series. I mean you don’t know who your story would touch. And so I would be putting them in short enough bites for your enjoyment.

*Nur’s Journey

Growing up, it was compulsory to go to Qur’an School and so I went. I learnt the alphabets, memorised just enough to pray and then came high school. I went to a boarding school where no one made it compulsory and then to the university and I was a graduate. I remember having a group of friends and we encouraged each other to learn the first ten verses of Suratul Khaf to save us from dajjal and then I took another break.

One day I saw this video of kids who were huffaz in a competition on youtube and then I felt that iman boost and I started Suratul Baqarah and a quarter of a juz down the road, I just stopped.

I was privileged to go for Umrah recently and one night Sheik Al-Sudais was reciting with his powerful voice you know crying sometimes too and it seemed like I was the only one who had no idea what was going on and then it was proven. He got to an ayah of Sajdah (prostration) where you go into sajdah, rise up and continue till you go into ruku and I went into ruku instead of sajdah and that was it.

Then came Visionaire 2014 still in Ramadan where I discovered one of my life goals was to become a hafidha and so I started praying fervently about it. I miraculously found an Arabic school that had just started very close to my house, and then I started my journey.

My advice is; know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t ever let yourself feel you need a break because shaytan swoops in and that’s the end.

Barakallahu feekum

*Name changed for privacy


7 thoughts on “Can I memorize the Qur’an? — Part 1

  1. Ummi says:

    Indeed, the Qur’an is the best companion one can ever have in this life. The more you explore and ponder over its content the happier you feel. I learnt recently that being a hafiz is one of the greatest jihad one can do and there’s nothing that compares to it. Jannah itself is the Qur’an because as you recite you ascend so imagine having the whole of the Qur’an, that my dear, is the peak of Jannah. And of course shaytan is always there to push you off your right path for there is no one he loves to attack more than a righteous person. May Allah help us in all our endeavours and may He save us from the fitna of this world and its filthy materials. Ameen.


  2. aisha ismail says:

    I stumbled across your blog mistakenly on instagram and i found it interesting especially this post that got my attention.i totally relate to it even though mine it was after i registered into the islamiyya then the malam told me it’s based on tahfeez . at first i was scared infact i wanted to quit but the teacher convinced me to give it a try .each week he gives five ayahs and alhamdullillah after three months i have memorized surah ahqaf and surah mohammad.May Allah give us beneficial knowledge ,may it be a source of jannah for us.


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