Asalaamu Alaikum people.

How you all been and how you finding the blessed month of Ramadhan. It has been a while I wrote anything. It has not really been bloggers block just poor time management. So I decided to write about how I came to my dream/desire to be a writer.

I have always been good with writing pieces; essays, stories and even copy writing till getting a degree took over my life. I have always marvelled at a lot of authors and bloggers but if I am to pick one person it would be Umm Zakiyyah.

Umm Zakiyyah is a woman who I admire a great deal. She was born into the family of Charles and Delores Moore the year they accepted Islam and so they called her Bayyinah (Clear evidence). Her parents became Muhammad and Fareedah Siddeeq. She started writing from a young age through college and then published her first book – if I should speak in 2001. She sometimes writes under the name Ruby Moore.

Umm Zakiyyah is an awe-inspiring author. She writes fiction with a huge dose of religion and spirituality. Her books are very captivating and keep you turning pages deep into the night. They are a learning resource for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Her characters are unique but you find yourself empathising with their individual situations. She is not afraid of touching sensitive Islamic issues, which most people try to avoid. Her characters are amazing writers too, which makes her doubly awesome. Her books are very descriptive, vivid and would evoke strong emotions. She also has good plots with great imagery making it seem like you watching a movie unfold. Her books can be a means of subtle dawah to Non-Muslims. She has some awesome quotes too like “spiritual impotence of the society has left Muslims hungry for guidance and direction” from hearts we lost.

Once I read a review about if I should speak when someone said, even though she is a Muslim, she finds Tamika’s conversion story very unrealistic. So I was looking over at Umm Zakiyyah’s blog the other day and came across a post from her old school mate Jamika who was the inspiration behind Tamika. It seems Jamika born from a Christian family, tried Islam for a while back when they were in school and couldn’t just keep up. They lost touch for a while and recently reconnected and Umm Zakiyyah told her she wrote a book about their life in school and basically, she read the book and took her shahada. I had goose pimples reading that and right now just writing it.

I read her book Heart’s we lost and kept thinking to myself, ‘I would want to touch someone with my words like this’. She has written a great number of other books; the if I should speak trilogy- if I should speak, the voice and footsteps, realities of submission, a friendship promise and Muslim girl. I have read all except one…the realities of submission and I have loved them all. She also has some short stories like the day Jessica accepted Islam, and from the diary of an extremist.

Would love to know what you think.


14 thoughts on “SHE DID IT FOR ME…

  1. Nana says:

    Wow! Just discovered your blog from you IG bio, insha Allah I will be stalking you from Masha Allah, I hope Allah aid you in your sojourn to becoming a great author someday. Ma salam.


  2. Um Ibrahim says:

    Interesting! I’ve heard of Um Zakiyah and even read a little bit of her stories. Haven’t gotten the chance to read her full stories but they all sound so interesting! Where can I get her books?I live in the U.S.

    Jazaakilahu kheyran for this great post. May Allah make your writing a success. I love writing too and inshaaAllah hope my content and work will be fruitful for generations to come 🙂


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