Umm Bilal Reads: Freedom Fighter (A Novelette)

By Papatia Feauxzar

Papatia Feauxzar is the founder of Djarabi kitabs publishing. She is addicted to romance, life and halal fun and it would be hard work getting her out of a good mood. She has always dreamt of writing romance and hopes through her stories, we learn about Islam first then love.

Freedom fighter centred on Sheyma the eldest daughter of Ousmane, is set in the dead heart of Africa (Chad). On one hand, Sheyma has her own dreams of being swept away by her prince charming and owning her own bakery and on the other to be ‘pawned’ off by her father to marry a man she did not know or love. What if this unknown suitor gets her a bakery at least one of her dreams would come true. Dahyay had car trouble causing him to stop in the village of Laïyor, where he asked for Sheyma’s hand in marriage. She just saw a man almost twenty years older than her, easy on the eyes but as well preserved as a vampire and a ticket out of poverty. She agreed to marry him for the love of her family. He turned out to be a very nice and patient man who made her happy. Then there was a problem, which put their marriage on the rocks, and she felt the need to fight for her freedom.

Papatia’s writing is crisp and realistic. She gives you a clear picture and keeps you turning pages. I admire her boldness in taking on topics that people shy away from like romance and intimacy. These are problems that a lot of women face and have no one to talk to about it. She took a halal relationship and added just enough love to keep you hooked.

Would definitely recommend this book to women… we need to know what fight is worth fighting. Looking forward to reading her book ‘Between sisters’ In sha Allah.



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