Still… At birth

In the name of Allah The Most Beneficient, The Most Merciful

Well, I just heard news of my friend’s baby and this is what I came up with. This post is dedicated to every mother that has lost a child, at whatever stage of life… May Allah grant you patience and make them the doors to your Jannah…

She was the first to listen to my heart from the inside

She kicked and squirmed a lot but soon we became one

She ate what I ate

And drank what I drank

When I ate what she did not like I had to let it go

And when she wanted something I needed to have it

So bad it drove me insane

She listened when I cried

And even when I laughed

As I spoke to her and read to her

She responded to the sound of my voice

She could all but kick in response

I loved it… did not have much of a choice

I walked around the mall the other day

And ended up with a full cart

I knew how I wanted my princess to look like

The cute onesies and booties

Oh and the adorable hair bands too

I just could not get enough

My princess, she was so tough

I loved her long before meeting her

And how I loved her so

Then it came to meet her and she was no more

I never knew I could feel like this

Not sure how I feel though

Happy she died innocent and pure to be reunited in Jannah

Or sad that I would never hear her say, “mama”

Or joy that Allah is responsible

But why do I wish I never had this time

With my first daughter

She was my daughter…

To Allah belongs the supreme power of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He bestows female offspring upon whom He wills, bestows male offspring upon whom He wills: or He mingles them, males and females, and He makes barren whom He wills. Lo! He is The Knower, The Powerful. S42:49-50



11 thoughts on “Still… At birth

  1. oteebotee says:

    Today marks 6years when my life changed… I had in my own weird way pictured how I would react to the death of everyone in my family except my brother.. And lo and behold.. My brother was the first to go (May Allah grant him jannah, and may light reach his grave)
    That totally shattered me, but also made me see for the first time that truly this life is but play..
    May Allah make us among those that will collect our records with our right hands and may we all be united in Jannah with our loved ones.
    Lovely post!


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