Need a reason to develop a reading culture?


I have always loved books… not just the reading, the buying, and hoarding too. I recently realised I love recommending books to people and am happy when their feelings mirror mine.

Growing up, I always looked forward to parent-teacher conferences because all the booksellers line my school hall with books. The rules were simple, “any bad report whatsoever equals no book”. Maybe this has helped shape me into good girl… my love for books I mean, as my teachers never had anything bad to say about me, Masha Allah.

In High school, I still used to read. Our school library had mostly those big collections of stories and I did spend a lot of time in my nook in the library.

In the university, I just stopped. Maybe pharmacy school made reading feel like a chore but I started watching more movies instead. I couldn’t relax with a book anymore. But who could blame me, there was always a test or practical to be reported and sometimes I just needed a break.

I started reading again and I am loving it. My love for books and anything to be read has brought some very amazing people into my life. I like Muslim-authored fiction, romance, and contemporary. I love children books too. So many lessons in their stories.


Here are some reasons why you should read too.

  • Escape – You know how you in a bad place and need to shut out the world by entering a box and locking it up…the feeling I mean. Locking yourself up in a box equals a slow end. I have only locked myself in a geepee tank once, I wanted to go swimming and mama refused and there was water in the tank you know like a pool waiting to be discovered…but I digress. A good book makes you feel like that especially adventure or dystopian. I do not like fantasy, though.
  • Comfort and Relaxation – When I am sad or just need to feel at peace, I pick a good romance novel or comedy. Sophie Kinsella goes a long way. All you need to do is kick up your feet and pour yourself a cuppa.
  • Consolation – this is when you feel like your problems are more than the mount Uhud…Khaled Hosseini would definitely let you know your problems ain’t a thing. And the life you living is the best you can have. You shall be consoled… no… You would actually forget your problems and empathise with Maryam or Hassan. Another good one is – You can be the happiest woman in the world. Makes you feel so much gratitude and gratitude = happiness.
  • Vacation – So you are on a holiday, with a nice view of the ocean and the smell of wet sand tantalising your nostrils… A good story would help you totally enjoy your holiday. I read she wore red trainers on a vacation last year…totally made it worth it.
  • Inspiration – As long as you read and enjoy what you do, you eventually start to write. Books provide inspiration. This blog was started after reading Umm Zakiyyah’s Hearts we love so you see.IMG-20150824-WA0008
  • Learn- It improves your diction, gives you new ideas, ideals, idiosyncrasies if you must. Even bits and pieces of words in different languages can be picked up in books. Personally, though I love new words and always look for a chance to throw it into a sentence like flummoxed, insouciant, teetotalers.
  • Live – They say, ‘when you read, you live a thousand lives’. Historical fiction especially helps you achieve this. Try an orphan child or yellow crocus.
  • Bonding – Books have been shown to increase the bond between a mother and a child only second to breastfeeding…so grab that book and read your kids a bedtime story. At about 25weeks your fetus can hear your voice so read out loud, good books, though. Have I mentioned that I love children books? There is always something to learn.
  • Self-help – there is a book for everything. If you want to be a writer, blogger, publisher, software designer, chef, salesman, dog walker, or babysitter, there is a book for you. I love Yasmin Mogahed’s Reclaim your heart.
  • Education – These are the necessary but boring books. Not necessarily fun at the start but once you ace that test, you fall in love.

Try it, pick up any book, newspaper or magazine article and take them one at a time.


9 thoughts on “Need a reason to develop a reading culture?

  1. Umm Ahmad says:

    SubhaanAllah. Reading this made me feel like I was reading about myself, especially as I also suddenly stopped reading in university (Pharmacy school also :)) and grew interests in movies and series. Alhamdulillah though, now that I’m done with uni I’m in my way back to my old reading and book-lover self.
    BaarakAllah feek wa Jazaakumullah Khair!


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