Umm Bilal Reads: The Lost Kingdom by Amira Ayad

I first came across the work of Amira Ayad when I read her book, “Healing, body and soul”. I was a pharmacist in training and was just amazed that a pharmacist could write that up. MashaAllah. Then followed “The true secret”. One I still fall back to when I need to get my goals in sight. I was pretty surprised when I came across this work of fiction and just thought, “let’s see how she swings this one”. Well, she did swing well.

The 90-page book, as all her other books, was published by International Islamic publishing House (IIPH). It is about a pride of Wild Lions in the jungle, who had a misstep long ago in their past when their Vizier got greedy and selfish and made a deal with Queen Melissa of Cat Land and so they left their kingdom and homes in the slopes of Tapino and they started living like domesticated cats in Cat Land.

Layth is a cub, a courageous and smart one, who just would not fit in because he felt it was not right and so started out to find answers and right the wrong. It could not be that difficult, or so he thought? He starts asking questions which lead to problems and a need for solutions. As with anyone on the path of truth, he faces a lot of threats and makes a lot of enemies. Would they succeed? Good thing he has an amazing team of brave cubs; Boon- his brother, Kala – the stutterer who makes amazing rabbit tail broth and Kabana – his one true friend. His mother Sabina would do anything to protect her cubs. Other notable characters include King Kaswara, the sage Hakim, Kalan the greedy Vizier, Queen Melissa the cat, Kabir, and old Fahim.

The 8-chapter book was written for the preteen. Nonetheless, I found the book captivating. I read it in on quick gulp. The language was clear and crisp with beautiful illustrations.

I could relate Layth’s plight with that of every Prophet sent to his people. despite knowing something is wrong are happy living the way their forefathers did. the Lion Code of Ethics which was written in ‘lionese’, I related to the Quran which we do not want to spend time with or take the time to understand it in its own language. Most of us do not read it with our hearts while others believe its laws do not apply to the present day.

May Allah make us love His book and make it an important part of us. Ameen.

I rate the book 5 stars and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light read or needs to explain the plight of the Prophets to young ones.

As always, thank you for your time and do let me know what you think in a comment below.


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