I recently read something about courage

“For courage, there must be something at stake”

Which means it is not courage if you have nothing to lose.

I think surviving in our world today takes courage

To obey the order of your Rabb

And wear the Hijab

Which brings you a lot of insult and embarrassment

Takes courage


To desperately need to make ends meet

And find a source of income

But accept it only if it is halal

Takes courage


To meet a man, different from you

And marry him and be dutiful to him

See him as your paradise and hell

Takes courage


To not display yourself

Choose what parts of your body people see

Missing out on trends on Instagram or Snapchat

Takes courage


To choose the way of Allah and His Rasul

Against the culture of your parents and ancestors

To enjoin all good and forbid all evil

Takes courage


There is never a time in our lives

Where we have nothing to lose

We always have something to lose

Do not lose Jannah.




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