Ramadan Prep; Good deeds 2.0 and A-verse-a-day jars

So I took a cue from Zahrau’s idea and came up with good deeds jar 2.0. And the A-verse-a-day jar.

#1 Get a clean and dry jar…could be anything from mason jars to empty jam or mayonnaise jars to a wide-mouthed Snapple bottle.
#2 Cut up strips of paper and write down simple deeds to do…some examples are;
Smile its sunnah, be extra nice to someone, give someone a complete meal, pray specifically for someone, give sadaqah, be nice to an animal, today is for gratitude, today is for forgiveness, plant a tree…etc.
#2b. For the A verse-a-day, jar…reflection is somewhat personal you know. So, I searched common ayahs for certain topics of interest to me or ayahs repeated in various audio or video lectures and put them down on pieces of paper.
To search, I would advise you search using the translation of the Quran app as google might have errors in referencing the verses. The aim is so you actually connect with the Quran…not every day read and memorise.
#3 Label the jars
#4 Fold the pieces of paper and fill the jars
#5 On each day, pick one and try to achieve it.
#6 Don’t be too hard on yourself when you forget.


Easy peasy!!!

Would be nice to make kids a part of it and also ensure to include kiddy good deeds such as share your toys with your siblings, help mommy make iftar, e.t.c. They could be charged with simply picking out the paper for the day.

May Allah make us be a part of those to enjoy Ramadhan this year, benefit enormously from the month of Ramadan and may He help us achieve all our set goals for Ramadhan and beyond….Ameen.

What are some of your goals for this year’s Ramadhan?

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