Ramadan 2016: Keep it Going

The month of Ramadan is an amazing one, Ma Sha Allah. For a whole month, we fast every day, up to 19 hours in some countries, establish our prayers at the stipulated time, we pray Taraweeh, we pray Tahajjud, we read more Quran, some do the Khatam of the whole Quran up to 3 times, the Masjids are always occupied, we give up our bad habits (sins) like, smoking, Zina, club hopping; we are careful with our speech, what we look at, what we hear, we only want to do good and better.

We are the same people who cannot wake up for Fajr. When reminded to fast Mondays and Thursdays, we respond, “do you know how busy those days are”, we claim not to have the time to read the Book of Allah, and we are lewd in speech.

Basically, we set our goals and do our best to achieve them…move mountains to achieve them. It is important you know this, though;

Ramadan is a reflection of who you can be every day.

20160706_171707Yeah! Shaytan is locked away for a whole month and he makes it hard outside the month but you know what this means; you aren’t a bad person, you can be better, you can do better and there is hope for your Nafs. And it is easy to handle shaytan – he whispers, but disappears when you say,

A’audhu Billahi Mina Shaytani Rajeem – Oh Allah! I see refuge from shaytan the accursed

Man can have nothing but what he strives for. That the fruit of his striving will come to sight”. Quran 53:39-40

The first step is to make Du’a. Speak to the Owner of it all. The One who owns you. Tell him you want to be better. Then make the effort. Remember,

“Allah would not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves” Quran 13:11

Start with small consistent steps. Start with your obligations, (they are your barest minimum), establish Salah properly – perfect your wudhu, memorise a few short Surahs, pray with khushoo, then gradually make additions such as nawafils, Sunnah fasts. Etc.

Make time for the Quran. it really makes everything better. See how it made the last 30 days amazing. If your tajweed isn’t perfect, learn tajweed. If you want to connect, read its translation and tafsir, ponder its verses. If you cannot read the Quran, draw up a plan and start with the Arabic alphabets.

Also, we enjoy the benefits of being better in Ramadan because almost everything is communal. Or at least you can see everyone around you going for Taraweeh, Reciting Quran, etc. So you can keep good company, get a group of like-minded people keep it going, remind yourselves, help each other get better.

Finally, take account of yourself everyday…what have you done for Allah, what have you deposited into your Akhira account, what can you do better, how can you do it, what are you sorry for? And remember death often.

A reminder, first and foremost to myself.

What did you learn this Ramadan, which you would want to remember at the start of next Ramadan In Sha Allah?






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