Ramadan Reflections: Last slice of Pizza

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

Alhamdulillah for extras. You know that extra piece of cake or pie that you need to just satisfy you a little extra, the confidence of having extra money, the joys of having extra time in a football match you enjoying so much. Yeah! Alhamdulillah for extras.

You know that last slice of pizza, the one everyone wants but the real strong-hearted bow out and say, “You can have it”. We had something greater.

This Ramadan, we had an extra day. An extra day of one of the most amazing days in a year. What did we achieve on that day? We always say I wish I had more time. Well, Alhamdulillah you had more time, what did you do with it.?

Most people did not want it; we thought we needed Eid more. SubhanAllah! How we forget.

“If you could but see when they are made to stand before the Fire and will say, “Oh, would that we could be returned [to life on earth] and not deny the signs of our Lord and be among the believers. But what they concealed before has [now] appeared to them. And even if they were returned, they would return to that which they were forbidden; and indeed, they are liars”. Quran 6:27-28

“If you could but see when the criminals are hanging their heads before their Lord, [saying], “Our Lord, we have seen and heard, so return us [to the world]; we will work righteousness. Indeed, we are [now] certain.”. Quran 32:12

“And they will cry out therein, “Our Lord, remove us; we will do righteousness – other than what we were doing!” But did We not grant you life enough for whoever would remember therein to remember, and the warner had come to you? So taste [the punishment], for there is not for the wrongdoers any helper”. Quran 35:37

It is true that these verses refer to the fate of the unbelievers. But even those in Jannah would wish they did more so their level of bliss will increase.

Long story short, this life is all we have. It is our only chance. We should take advantage of every single day every second of every single day. Remember we are not even assured the next second.

Think! What would you do differently today if you knew you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow? Then Remember! You might not wake up tomorrow.

May we fight especially our Nafs so we benefit from our last second on this earth (the last slice of pizza)

A reminder first and foremost to myself.



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