Author: Papatia Feauxzar

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing 

Year: 2015

Steadfast is a collection of six short stories. It makes for an easy and light read. 

– Fixed Up

– Change of Shoes

– The Nanny

– Respect the Letters

– Freedom Fighters

– Zengi Girls

The stories touch everything we can identify with in this time – Islam, love, reverts, patience, racial equality, gender identity, feminism, witchcraft, marriage and its issues. I liked some stories more than others but was hooked by all of them. I found The Nanny a tad scary and surreal 😂. My favourite was Freedom fighters. I did a review of it too. 

One thing I noticed as I read the stories was I could identify bits and pieces of the author in her work. She is bold and dares to be different. She writes about what people are scared to talk about. She obviously loves love and believes muslim women need not shy away from having fun in the bedroom. Sometimes though I think she tries to hard but I can understand that her story lines are usually in uncharted waters.

I would recommend this to any mature adult. Everyone would find something they can connect to in the collection.

Well done Papatia.  



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