Author – Mai Hazem

Publisher – Prolance Publishing

This is a series of 5 travel stories of Hannah, a 3rd grader. She finds the means to take a trip during her lunchtime with a friend.  
She goes to Japan with Naoki, Mexico with Julio, Egypt with Zain, France with Chloe and India with Mahi. The book is well written and its illustrations are very cute. 

The book is a good way to introduce geography to children. Each place Hannah travels to, information is provided about its location, culture (food, clothing, language), landmarks and its history. We need diverse books like this to bring us closer to being one world and one people and what better age group to target than the our leaders of tomorrow. 

I would recommend this book to everyone who truly understands the unity in diversity and would love to introduce various cultures to their children.

You can get yours here. The 5 books come in a tote bag and a map. I hope your children do not try to jump into the map 😊


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