20 Random Facts About the Blogger

  1. UmmBilal is my pen name.
  2. I am a Muslimah…
  3. Been happily married four years to my bestie #MashaAllah.
  4. A pharmacist by education #Alhamdullilah.
  5. I have recently rediscovered the Deen of Allah and I am in l0ve #Alhamdulillah.
  6. I am a stationery addict
  7. I am a bibliophile…so many books, so little time.
  8. I can talk myself into buying stuff I like but do not need (I go from ‘it’s so pretty’ to ‘and I had a bad day’…In milliseconds.
  9. I am a sweet tooth…Isn’t life hard enough?
  10. I love to wear dresses…they are so easy #MashaAllah
  11. I recently started designing stationery
  12. I do not like coffee and would take tea…maybe once a month. Maybe I have a thing against hot beverages.
  13. I always have to sleep under a blanket no matter the temperature.
  14. I am currently unsure about my favourite colour…somewhere between green and purple.
  15. I love the butterfly. I love what it stands for…hope, growth, healing, rebirth.
  16. I rarely get bored #Alhamdulillah
  17. I do not like to tell lies.
  18. I am a better listener than talker
  19. I almost always have a smart answer to everything. Most times, I only think it and do not say it.
  20. I think overthink the littlest of things.


Please let me know something random about you in the comments.



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