UMMBILAL READS: Getting the Barakah

Getting the Barakah:

An Islamic Guide to Time Management

Written by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar | Published by Partridge Publishing

Reviewed by UmmBilal

This article was originally published in Issue #72 of SISTERS magazine.

Oh yes! you read that right. I have now published a piece and it requires me to get paid…when your passion or make that two of your passions (reading and writing) pay your bills…Alhamdulillah!

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Pregnancy myths or are they legends?

Pregnancy myths or legends

Pregnancy is one of the best stages of any woman’s life. The time when she gets to put a hand into Allah’s miracle of creation, when she is doted upon by any and everyone who meets her, when she finally gets to have society off her back, no one asks anymore why she’s taking such a long break or whether she and her hubby are having enough of the ‘baby dance’. Just by walking into a room, she has people at their feet giving her a place to seat; she hardly ever needs to wait in line and people around her whisper “sorry” for every sigh. Above all, she will In Shaa Allah get to be a mother and paradise would then lie at her feet. It’s the beginning of her trip into motherhood. Even if it ends up in a miscarriage, I do believe her title has changed to “mother”. I hear it is the happiest reason to feel like a sack of crushed bones. Continue reading