Ramadan Reflections: Last slice of Pizza

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

Alhamdulillah for extras. You know that extra piece of cake or pie that you need to just satisfy you a little extra, the confidence of having extra money, the joys of having extra time in a football match you enjoying so much. Yeah! Alhamdulillah for extras.

You know that last slice of pizza, the one everyone wants but the real strong-hearted bow out and say, “You can have it”. We had something greater.

This Ramadan, we had an extra day. An extra day of one of the most amazing days in a year. What did we achieve on that day? We always say I wish I had more time. Well, Alhamdulillah you had more time, what did you do with it.?

Most people did not want it; we thought we needed Eid more. SubhanAllah! How we forget.

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Ramadan 2016: Keep it Going

The month of Ramadan is an amazing one, Ma Sha Allah. For a whole month, we fast every day, up to 19 hours in some countries, establish our prayers at the stipulated time, we pray Taraweeh, we pray Tahajjud, we read more Quran, some do the Khatam of the whole Quran up to 3 times, the Masjids are always occupied, we give up our bad habits (sins) like, smoking, Zina, club hopping; we are careful with our speech, what we look at, what we hear, we only want to do good and better.

We are the same people who cannot wake up for Fajr. When reminded to fast Mondays and Thursdays, we respond, “do you know how busy those days are”, we claim not to have the time to read the Book of Allah, and we are lewd in speech.

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