Diary of a Hajji 2: Managing time

So few days to Ramadan, I read a book titled “Getting the barakah of time” by Abu Muawiyah Ismail of IOU. It did help me with amazing tips to manage the said resource better. I clearly understood the difference between being on time and in time. Not to blow my own horn but the review…Scratch that!…my review of the book was worthy of being published in SISTERS magazine…but I digress.

So basically, as far as Hajj goes, you are either early, late, on time or in time. I concluded that being in time is the worst and it’s best to be on time when you cannot be early. I would tell you why. Continue reading


Diary of a Hajji 1: True Germophobia

Health they say is wealth. You know how some people have an innate fear of germs or disease or how others have OCD… I personally cannot make a whole meal without washing the spoon I am using to cook after every entry into my pot. Sometimes I wash my hand after adding every spice even when am adding all the spices at once. Hey! I am not a psycho. Just my own compulsion. We all have it in varying degrees. Continue reading