Can I memorize the Qur’an? — Part 1


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

I recently decided to start this series. I mean you don’t know who your story would touch. And so I would be putting them in short enough bites for your enjoyment.

*Nur’s Journey

Growing up, it was compulsory to go to Qur’an School and so I went. I learnt the alphabets, memorised just enough to pray and then came high school. I went to a boarding school where no one made it compulsory and then to the university and I was a graduate. I remember having a group of friends and we encouraged each other to learn the first ten verses of Suratul Khaf to save us from dajjal and then I took another break.

One day I saw this video of kids who were huffaz in a competition on youtube Continue reading


The Subtle One



Still on living with the names and attributes of Allah, here is my first short story and it is based on a real life event.

Lateefa had just clocked thirteen and was beginning to care what people thought of her. She was a very kind-hearted girl and could just not say “No”; even if she had to do something she shouldn’t to help one in need. She had the “I want to save the world syndrome”. She was invited to a birthday party for her friend Jasmine, who lives very close to school but by then school would not be in session and she lives far away so she knew of no way her mother would allow her attend the party. She could not just turn down the invite, so she thought really hard and came up with a solution.

She had just gotten home from school when she announced that there was one compulsory tutorial class during the holiday that she needed to attend. Her mother of course asked her to go. On the day of the party, Continue reading